3 Vehicle Add-Ons That Can Get You A Car Insurance Discount

Whether you're in the market for a new car or considering upgrading your existing car, there are a lot of possible vehicle add-ons that you might be considering. Some, like DVD players and LCD screens, are just for fun. However, other vehicle upgrades can actually get you a discount on your car insurance. That means that not only can you improve your car, but those improvements will also at least partially pay for themselves. Take a look at some vehicle add-ons that can get you a discount on your car insurance.

Daytime Running Lights

You wouldn't keep your headlights on when you're driving during the day. But daytime running lights are a different matter. These lights are meant to stay on when you're driving during the daylight hours. They aren't bright enough to illuminate the road or distract other drivers, but they do make your vehicle more visible, which makes you less likely to get hit by another car.

A study of the impact of daytime running lights on cars in Minnesota found that the crash rate for cars without daytime running lights was 1.73 times higher than the crash rate for cars that did have the daytime running lights installed. That's a statistically significant difference, and it's the kind of thing that insurance companies notice. As a result, some insurance companies have begun to give discounts for cars that have daytime running lights.

Anti-Theft Devices

Do you ever worry that your car will get stolen when you have to park it on the street? If you have comprehensive coverage, your insurance company worries about that too. Add-ons that reduce the chances of your car being stolen reduce the chances of you filing a claim, and your insurance company appreciates that. That's why most insurance companies offer discounts for anti-theft devices.

How much of a discount you can get depends largely on the anti-theft system you choose. You'll get a bigger discount for an anti-theft system with a vehicle immobilizer, which shuts the car down when it detects tampering, than you will for a basic alarm system. If your anti-theft system also includes a tracking device that police can use to find your car if it is ever stolen, you can score an even greater discount.

Telematics Devices

You may not be familiar with telematics devices. That's because this vehicle add-on is usually offered by your insurance carrier, not your car dealership. It's a small tracking device that analyzes your driving habits and reports them back to your insurance company. If your driving habits show that you're a safe driver, you can receive a corresponding discount on your car insurance.

At first glance, this may not sound like a device that you can use for anything other than an insurance discount, but the fact is that the information collected by a telematics device can be useful to you as well. You'll get a good overall picture of your driving habits, which can help you figure out how to improve not just your driving safety, but other factors that are affected by your driving habits, like your fuel economy. That can save you even more money in the long run.

Before you choose a new vehicle with add-ons or upgrade your existing vehicle, check with your auto insurance to find out what discounts they offer. That way, you can be sure that you're getting the best return on your investment in vehicle upgrades.