5 Ways Young Drivers Can Save Money On Auto Insurance

If you're under the age of 25, you'll probably notice that car insurance typically costs a little (or a lot) more for you. Age can play a significant role in how much a risk an insurance company considers someone. However, being young doesn't mean you can't find cheap car insurance. Here's a few ways younger people can save money on their car insurance premium.

1. Shop Around for the Best Rate

No matter your age, one of the most beneficial things you can do is to shop around for different quotes. While age can factor into the decision, different insurance companies give it different weight in their overall calculations.

If you find yourself dealing with an insurance agent, rather than a website, then mention the lower rates you found. The insurance agent may have the ability to adjust their quotes to match or beat your other quotes.

2. Lower Your Own Risk

Insurance coverage is all about risk assessment. It's not just your age; it's a host of other things as well. If you can lower your risk profile in other areas, it may just even everything out for you.

  • Add an alarm to the car
  • Use a steering wheel lock
  • Reduce how often you drive your car
  • Take a driving course

You should also drive carefully and responsibly. If you have tickets, violations, or convictions on our driving record, it will boost your insurance premium. If you have none, it can actually lower your insurance costs.

3. Avoid Extravagant Upgrades

If you add aftermarket parts to your car, or install expensive upgrades, it can cost your insurance to go up. You may think you don't have to report any modifications. If something happens to your car, and you file a claim, the insurance company will see your expensive mods. If that happens, you may find you've violated your coverage agreement.

4. Buy a Used Car Outright

It's best to start with a pre-owned vehicle you can purchase outright. That way, you won't need to choose the full coverage option. Used vehicles often cost less to insure and they also tend to cost less to repair or replace, which is something insurers like.

5. Take Advantage of All Discounts

There's a lot of discounts out there. Check with the insurers for student discounts or discounts specifically for young drivers (they exist). You can see if the insurer has discounts because you bank or work in a particular place. If you rent, you may find discounts for combining your renters and auto insurance.

Yes, it's possible to find cheap insurance for young drivers. You may have to do a little legwork, and even some haggling. In the end, you will find a policy that works for you and your budget.