Ways To Save On Teen Car Insurance

If your teenager is going to be driving soon, your biggest concern may be how much it will cost when it comes to car insurance. Insurance for teens is high because they have no previous driving history to base it off of, and they tend to get in more accidents as they just start learning how to drive. Thankfully, there are ways to save you money on this requirement for any driver on the road. Here are 4 ways you can do it.

Enroll Them In Defensive Driving Classes

Your insurance company may not think that driver's education is enough to prepare a teen for life on the road. Ask about how defensive driving classes can help reduce the premiums that you pay. The small amount that you pay for your teen to take this course could result in paying less overall. In addition, the courses can actually be helpful and play a role in keeping them safe when they are driving on their own. It gives you the peace of mind that they'll know what to do in different situations.

Show Those Good Grades

You'll also want to check with your insurance provider about if they have any good grade discounts for students. Since teens don't have a driving history, the next best way to prove that they are responsible is with their report card. You may be surprised to learn that your car insurance provider will look at those good grades favorably, and reduce the premiums because they have shown responsibility in school.

Pick The Appropriate Vehicle

Every teenage has a dream car that they want when they turn 16, but this may not be practical for their first car because of the associated insurance premiums. You are better off picking a car that is older and less expensive to repair, because it will be a lower risk for the insurance company. Don't skimp out by getting a clunker though, since modern features like car alarms help deter theft and play into lowering your premiums as well.

Bundle Policies

Start by shopping around with your current insurance provider, someone like Mascott Insurance Services LLC, and see what sort of discount you get by adding another driver to your current policy. If you don't see any significant savings, don't be afraid to start shopping around elsewhere. Sometimes switching insurance providers is the best way to save some money, as they try to win your business with lower premiums.