Homeowner's Insurance: All You Need To Know

Homeowner's insurance helps cover you in the event the unthinkable happens, such as a fire, water damage, weather related incidents (tornado, wind or hail damage), or in the event of an injury that occurs at home. Homeowner's insurance helps protect you and you should have this type of insurance, in most cases it is necessary to carry homeowner's insurance. See below for everything you need to know about homeowner's insurance.

What's Covered?

What is covered depends on your policy. Some policies may not cover flood damage, especially if you don't live in a flood area. Property is covered, but you need to be sure you have enough coverage for your belongings. You may also need to add extra coverage for jewelry, and your jewelry may even need to be appraised in order to be covered in the event of a loss due to fire or theft.

Research Insurance Companies

Be sure to do some research of insurance companies in your area. Just like anything else, you should shop around for the best deal. Some agencies may not give you a lower deductible that you may need. You may also get more coverage for a lower cost, and could possibly qualify for more discounts at other insurance carriers than you would with a different one. Be sure to ask about all discounts that may be available that you could qualify for to help lower your rates such as living near a fire hydrant, multiple policy discounts, smoke detector discount, or a security camera discount. Shop around for the best insurance for you, and remember that cheaper isn't always better.

Lower Your Rate

There are ways to lower your insurance rates. Things such as making repairs to your home: new roof and siding can lower your rates. Having good credit can affect your rate as well, so if you improve your credit, it could lower your insurance premium. Other ways to lower your insurance bill include:

  • Bundling your insurance with other policies.
  • Raising your deductible.
  • Adding a security system to your home.
  • No claims on your policy - not having any claims filed can mean big savings for you.

Your homeowner's insurance helps protect you and your family in the event the unthinkable happens to you - fire, damage or loss from theft. Shop around for insurance and do your research to be sure you're covered sufficiently. Talk to your insurance agent about things you can do to help lower your rates.