Three Ways A Public Insurance Adjuster Can Help With Your Insurance

Many property owners are unfamiliar with the services provided by a public insurance adjuster, but what they offer can help you get the money needed to repair and restore your building or home. The claims adjuster that you are working with is one that is on the payroll of the insurance company, so they will have a tendency to show bias towards their employer in an effort to keep costs down. However, sometimes this means not getting adequate money for restoration and rebuilding, even though your policy may provide this coverage. The following are three ways a public insurance adjuster can help you when dealing with your insurance company.

They can provide you with a second opinion

Just like getting a second opinion from another doctor, a public insurance adjuster can give you a second opinion about the monetary figure provided by your insurance company. If the damage was large, such as one from a natural disaster or a fire, often the amount will be lower than you expected. An insurance company may not have accurate estimates for local labor or material costs. Having someone who understands the current, local costs, can provide an unbiased, independent evaluation. This will help you decide on your next step.

They can assist in communication with a claims adjuster

They understand insurance terminology and speak the language. You may have a good position on an aspect of the cost of restoration, but it needs to be phrased in a manner a claims adjuster will understand. In addition, even when a claims adjuster understands your position, they may not be able to justify it with their insurance company. But a public claims adjuster has a lot of experience under their belt in the industry. They can offer suggestions as to why the cost is justified. Often this is all that is needed to have an expense approved as part of the insurance claim.

They can help you file your claim

Public insurance adjusters understand all of the nuances of an insurance policy, sot they can read your policy and explain exactly what it means for your particular circumstances. Having this information, they can help you file your claim as well as document your circumstances so that you get all of the money your policy entitles you to.

The services of a public insurance adjuster, like Dallmer Adjusters Inc , listed above are only a partial list, but everything they offer a property owner relates directly to the fact that they are working on your behalf and not the insurance company. This can be valuable in getting the needed funds for restoration and repair of your property.