What You Should Know If Your Teen Driver Gets Too Many Violations

When a teen driver begins driving, he or she will generally have to pay higher rates for car insurance. This occurs because teen drivers are considered high-risk drivers. Their inexperience behind the wheel and young brains make them the perfect candidates for accidents and traffic violations. If your teenager gets too many tickets or is involved in too many accidents before he or she reaches the age of 18, there may be consequences and here are some things you should know about this.

The insurance rates will increase

First of all, auto insurance rates for teen drivers are always higher than what you think they should be. Teens fall into the "high-risk" driver category from the minute they receive a license to drive. You should expect this, and you may want to set rules and boundaries related to when and where your teen drives to help your teen avoid accidents and problems. If your teen has already experienced some tickets or accidents and is not even 18 years old yet, you are likely to see a big increase in insurance rates, which means you will be paying even more than you were paying. When teens end up with several traffic violations before they even reach the age of 18, there is another consequence they may have to face.

Your teenager may have to take a juvenile remedial course

The other consequence involves your teen being required to take a juvenile remedial course. This is a course designed for teens who have already experienced traffic violations, and it is designed to teach them how to be safer behind the wheel. If your teen is required to take a course like this, you would need to choose a course approved through your state, and you would have to pay the necessary fees. In order for your child to continue driving, he or she may need to submit the certificate of completion of this course to the insurance company.

The purpose of requiring this course is to help teens avoid further violations and accidents. This helps keeps the roads a safer place for everyone, and it helps teens find ways to avoid further problems that involve driving. Failure to complete the course could result in a loss of insurance coverage or driving privileges.

If you have questions about insurance for your teen or about which juvenile remedial course to have him or her take, talk to Kesner Insurance Agency Inc to learn more.