Reducing Your Auto Insurance When You Have A Teen Driver

Did you know that the leading cause of death for people between the ages of 15 to 20 is car accidents? Car accidents cause thousands of deaths each year for people between these ages, which is the primary reason that teen car insurance costs so much. If you have a teen that will be driving soon, you might not like the quote you get for his or her auto insurance coverage. Teen coverage is expensive, but there are ways to cut your costs. Here are some ideas to help you save money on your teen's auto insurance coverage.

Add the Teen to Your Policy

You have two ways to insure your teen. First, you can buy a separate policy for your teen. Second, you can add the teen to your policy. You will pay more if you buy a separate policy for your child. When you add someone to your policy, you will pay more because you have another driver and vehicle, but you will also save some money. You save money by getting a multi-car discount. If you place your teen on a policy alone, the teen will not qualify for a multi-car discount, and neither would you.

Sign the Teen Up for Driver's Ed

Enrolling your child in a driver's ed course prepares him or her for the challenges and rules of driving. Kids who take these courses may apply safer driving habits when they get behind the wheel of a car, and insurance companies often offer discounts to drivers who complete a program.

Shop for the Right Car

The car you select for your teen affects the price you pay for auto coverage. When choosing a car, look for one with excellent safety ratings and low horsepower. You may also want to stick with an older car that is not overly valuable. The details about the car significantly affect the rates you pay.

Compare Rates with Several Insurance Companies

Finally, you should never get just one quote for coverage. Instead, you should consider getting several quotes for equal coverage. Once you do this, you can compare the quotes to find the most affordable one. Comparing rates is the only way to find the best deal on auto insurance coverage.

By doing these four things, you might save some money on your teen's auto insurance. If you have questions about auto coverage, talk to a local car insurance agent.

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