Time For New Business Insurance? 4 Steps You Should Take Before Choosing A Policy

When you purchased your auto or health insurance, you probably took some time to make sure you were getting the best coverage for your money. You probably also made sure that the coverage included the things that were most important to you. If you own a business, you should spend the same time going over the details of your commercial insurance coverage. Failing to secure the proper coverage for your business, could leave you spending more for your policy.

Get Covered - 6 Ways To Get Heath Insurance When You're Self Employed

Setting off on the adventure of starting your own business is a life full of unknowns. One of the big worries that many entrepreneurs have, no matter what age, is how to stay covered by some kind of health insurance in case of an emergency. Unfortunately, there are no magic bullets for health coverage when self-employed. But, there are a few options that may work for you… some of which didn't exist even a few years ago.

Ways To Save On Teen Car Insurance

If your teenager is going to be driving soon, your biggest concern may be how much it will cost when it comes to car insurance. Insurance for teens is high because they have no previous driving history to base it off of, and they tend to get in more accidents as they just start learning how to drive. Thankfully, there are ways to save you money on this requirement for any driver on the road.

5 Ways Young Drivers Can Save Money On Auto Insurance

If you're under the age of 25, you'll probably notice that car insurance typically costs a little (or a lot) more for you. Age can play a significant role in how much a risk an insurance company considers someone. However, being young doesn't mean you can't find cheap car insurance. Here's a few ways younger people can save money on their car insurance premium. 1. Shop Around for the Best Rate

Understanding Your Auto Insurance: 4 Things You Need To Know About Medical Coverage

When most people think about auto insurance, they think about replacing their car or paying for damage caused to another motorists car. However, the largest part of an insurance policy has nothing to do with physical damage, it has to do with personal injury and medical bills. The average for a disabling injury hovers around $60,000 for each person. If someone dies, it could cost $1 million or more. For this reason, your medical coverage is a very important part of your insurance policy.